AFM Power Unit KAWASAKI Z 750 (2007 – 2014) – R

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The installation of the AFM unit is completely reversable and the originality of the motorbike can be restored in few minutes

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The additional SC-Project AFM (Air Fuel Modifier) units are projected for the specific use in combination with the completed, semicompleted exhaust systems or with the only silcencers produced by SC-Project to obtain the best performance with the substitution of the exhaust system,adjusting the carburation. Assembling a better performing exhaust system a carburation leaning is created: riders have to slightly improve the gas contribution and air in the engine to level the potentiality of the exhaust system to the gas requested by the engine

In the last generation motorbikes when the original exhaust system is replaced by a more performing SC-Project model a better and quickier exhaust expulsion is obtained: it is appropriate to adeguate also Co, that is the value of carburation . air-gasoline. Riders can reach this through the installation of an AFM unit which balances the gasoline input in the engine with the outgoing exhaust, which is best thanks to the new exhaust system (in the only silencer version too).

SC- Project AFM unit acts on motorbike existing series sensors and changes outgoing values, keeping the original  motorbike electronics and adapts it to the configuration with a more performing new exhaust system. This added unit changes the parameters related to temperature- air sensors, so that the motorbike original electronics changes carburetion with injection time and advance which are different from the original and guarantee a high performance improvement related to power and couple : it re-establishes the stechiometric value air – fuel to optimal value for the new configuration with more performing exhaust system.

Not all motorbikes need an additional AFM unit since the change of the only silencer doesn’t imply carburation leaning. In other motorbike models – especially when replacing the original exhaust system the catalyst is moved, it is fundamental to install the additional AFM unit to take the carburation level to the correct level. In our product catalogue it is indicated – according to the motorbike model and to the available kind of exhaust system/configuration- if it is necessary to install the AFM unit on one own motorbike or if no change has to be done.

It is suggested to install a SC Project exhaust system kit combined with an AFM unit and a SC-Project air filter on some motorbike models to reach the highest performance and to guarantee more power and couple to one own motorbike

The AFM unit is additional (the original motorbike electronics isn’t touched) and doesn’t create any damage to the engine, it is waterproofing and presents small dimensions (75x49x20mm). It is supplied with a specific cable for each motorbike model and doesn’t require any change or intervention on the motorbike and it is specific and ready to be install.

The regulation arch acts on a 0-10 scale – where the regulation 0 (on the left bottom) creates a standard condition – that is a null intervention – as if the unit were off. Raising the value you”l increase the carburation level till a maximum of 10. The 0-10 level let you increase the value till the best carburation. The suggested calibration for a motorbike with a SC-Project exhaust system varies from a  5 to 9 value according to the kind of engine, installed exhaust system and if a catalyst is present or not. The precise regulation for the different configuration is suggested by our technicians on the motorbike technical sheet: don’t hesitate to aks for the best regulation for your motorbike, since our technicians will give you all necessary info to reach the optimal carburation value



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The brand SC-Project that belongs to the company Advanced Group S.R.L. born from the experience, dynamism and capabilities of the founding members together with the most important teams involved in the motorcycle industry in the World Championships such as MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and Superbike, teams with which you test and develop exhaust systems very high performance for racing motorcycles. Thanks to a technological Research & Development department and to an internal production that is able to satisfy every request regarding the range of exhaust systems, SC-Project designs, manufactures, tests and develops CE-approved products for use on the road that products intended for racing use in the circuit.

The production site of SC-Project is spread over several levels and production departments for a total of over 8,000 square meters, of which over 5,000 are divided between the offices of 650 square meters, the production area, the Research & Development department, test / test rooms and goods warehouses with attached shipping and logistics department. The new production department is equipped with cutting-edge automatic and semi-automatic machines in order to obtain a finished product at the highest quality and technological levels available on the market.

The company has a distribution network consisting of numerous export branches worldwide, ensuring full distribution coverage throughout the globe, making sure that the SC-Project brand contributes its products to all export of Made in Italy in the highest expression of technology and design of motorcycle exhaust systems. Thanks to the mass presence in the MotoGP World Championship and to the tens of thousands of systems sold both to operators in the sector (motorcycle dealers, spare parts dealers, warehouses, workshops) and to private customers of every continent and nation, SC-Project has established itself among the most important worldwide realities of the sector.

In 2015 the company received one of the most prestigious awards, receiving the “Rosa Camuna” award of the Lombardy region as a company of excellence, able to establish itself worldwide thanks to technology and innovation developed entirely in the Lombarda factory. directly by the President of the Lombardy Region Roberto Maroni.

With a view to environmental sustainability and the use of alternative energy sources, the company Advanced Group S.R.L. – owner of the brand SC-Project in the new large production site of an innovative photovoltaic system, fully compensating the energy consumption of its production and completing a project of technological innovation on energy efficiency at 360 °. Perfectly integrated on the roof of the Cassinetta di Lugagnano (MI) plant, the photovoltaic system produces a quantity of energy capable of meeting well over 100% of the energy requirements of the entire company production process and saving dozens of TEPs (tons of oil equivalent) ) avoiding an annual total of thousands and thousands of CO2 in the atmosphere. A project, that of photovoltaics, strongly desired by the company, which is integrated in a tangible way in the SC-Project policy for the protection of the environment and sustainable development with the production of clean and safe energy , contributing to the wellbeing of the territory and the community in which it operates, in line with the company philosophy, dynamic and always ready for new challenges.

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